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FAUX leather is a modern artificial eco-friendly material, which is made from a woven base and deposited film coating of PVC with different esters. These impurities range from 50 to 60% mass fraction, inserted into the structure of the polymer coating with additives that allow the faux leather to be resistant to sunlight. Unlike PVC, polyurethane is devoid of harmful additives and is therefore environmentally friendly. Its name is faux leather or PU leather (PU). The basis of PU leather or polyurethane faux leather is cotton based. Cotton fabric is resistant to mechanical stress and stretching. Therefore, polyurethane leather has comfortable softness and practical elasticity. The main factor of softness and overprotection of faux leather is polyurethane coating. From all classes of polymers with wear-resistant polyurethane, PU leather characteristics are equivalent to natural leather, and in some respects even superior to the natural product. PU faux leather (PU) is not an allergenic product. It is called breathable skin due to the technological possibilities of the formation of micropores. PU leather does not heat up. Faux PU leather odorless Polyurethane (PU skin) does not stretch and does not crack.

Properties of eco-leather:

  •  ventilated 
  •  tactile warm 
  •  wear-resistant 
  •  passes water 
  •  hardy 
  •  odorless, eco-friendly 
  •  gorgeous design

FLAT TILES made OF eco-LEATHER: the Top decorative layer is a durable, water-resistant, synthetic leather that performs better than natural leather. In the center, there is izolon, soft, heat insulation and sound insulation material. Soft tile is a great heat and sound insulator. Furniture cardboard is used in the first layer that serves as a rigid base for the panel. The benefits of wall panels made of fabric or leather:

  •  a Variety of materials for upholstery: eco leather, fabrics in more than 200 colors and textures.
  •  Sizes and shapes are chosen as per individual ordering. This padding adds a rich look and finish to Your room.
  •  Variety in use - walls, ceilings, headboard, design elements;
  •  Go well with furniture and other decor of the premises;
  •  Environmental solution for the design;
  •  Easy care and durability in operation;
  •  Easy and quick installation;
  •  Allow to hide wall irregularities.

SOFT TILES: There are many different ways to furnish the walls in the apartment. One of the richest in terms of design skills and solutions could be the finish with soft panels. These wall panels are also called 3D panels because of their bulk structure. In section, they look like this:

  1.  The first layer and the substrate. The base 5-8 mm from the PVC sheet is quite durable and has adhesion to all adhesives (the force that connects two heterogeneous material in close contact).
  2.  The second layer is the filling. The foam can be from 2 to 5 centimeters.
  3.  The third layer is a finish material. It can be eco leather, fabric, suede.

CARRIAGE SCREED: This method of decoration was used in the eighteenth century when decorating the carriage (hence). Today it is used for upholstery or furnishing. It uses materials such as leather, velvet etc. Buttons are covered with the same material, which are recessed into the soft part. Note: in order For style Capito interior really charmed by its beauty, the fabric needs to be selected appropriate. Let it be the wealth of material that looks interesting in many folds. Four-wheel coupler may be diamond shaped or square, LEDs and crystals can be used instead of buttons etc. Four-wheel coupling can be used as a standalone decor and small inserts, as a Supplement for another type of finish. It is often used for decoration of headboards and sofas.

Delivery of soft 3d panels is carried out to all regions of Belarus. It is done within 1 day from the moment they are picked for dispatch to the cities Novopolotsk, Grodno, Lida, Molodechno, Soligorsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Zhlobin, Gomel, Mozyr, Pinsk, Baranavichy, Kobryn, Brest, Slutsk, Borisov, Zhodino, etc. 

Central store:
Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 196 calon factory "Decorative 3D panels EViRO"
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Representative office in Moscow and MO:
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Central store EViRO: Representative office in Moscow and MO:
Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 196 calon factory "Decorative 3D panels EViRO" Moscow Zelenograd Kutuzovsky highway case 2309А Mall Stolica, 2nd floor
+375(29) 376-63-49, +375(29) 378-63-01 2nd floor, store +7 906 722 11 01
+375(33) 376 63-49, +375(33) 378-63-01
Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00 (without weekends)