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EViRO - the largest manufacturer of interior decor Belarus.

производство стеновых панелей

Good afternoon! Welcome to the company EViRO! We are a young dynamic company founded in 2012. Being so young, we have great ideas of creating something new, unique, modern and extraordinary in the interior, and exterior. At the same time, we realize that not only beauty is the main point nowadays. It doesn’t matter if it’s one’s office or home. Maintaining environmental cleanliness in the room is very important, too. Consequently, the composition of the product must not contain any chemical additives or release toxic substances that may have a bad influence on one’s health. Our major highlights are practicality, durability and ease of care.

After analyzing all these factors, we found the direction in our work that will allow us to create the leading products in the world of design. Today EVIRO is the largest manufacturer of interior décor in Belarus. Our company manufactures a wide range of materials, such as:

  • More than 100 collections of gypsum 3d panels;
  • 15 varieties of 3d panels;
  • 13 3d collections of partitions for rooms zoning (which has no analogues in the CIS countries);
  • oak 3d panel;
  • The soft wall of skin and tissue;
  • 3d facades and fences;
  • gypsum stone;
  • gypsum lamps;
  • light panel;
  • fabric ceilings Descor;
  • bamboo 3d panels.

production of 3D panels from plaster

EViRO produces and presents the products that are in the peak of popularity in the world of repair and finishing. This type of finish is regularly included in the projects of leading designers and architects worldwide!

We use only quality materials that are based on cement, gypsum and fiberglass. Products are not destroyed with time, do not lose their appearance and shape. It should also be noted that our gypsum products are not flammable. It is an important factor in the design of residential and public zones.

The range of spaces, where our products can be used, is wide: kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, conference halls, fitness clubs, beauty salons, shops, boutiques, karaoke, restaurants, medical facilities, hotels, etc.

gypsum Board manufacturingModern 3d finish is a great opportunity to change the appearance of the interior. Depending on the peculiarities of the style of the room, these decorative elements can be artificially aged, painted in the desired color or you can create your own design to order, with the application of the exclusive figure that will undoubtedly make your home fashionable, stylish and, what is more important, will create environmental cleanliness in Your home.

The basic principle of our company is the interest of the client. It is above all for us. We tried to create the most comfortable conditions for our customers. Among them you can find:

  • High quality products;
  • Naturalness and ecological purity;
  • A show-room where you can find all our products;
  • Delivery to any point of the Region, at a convenient time;
  • All products are available;
  • Each element has its own airtight packaging;
  • Quality turnkey installation;
  • The ability to manufacture any design of 3d panels according to your preference;
  • Products have the first class certificates;
  • Convenient installment payment in Belarusian rubles, without interests and overpayments;
  • Check out of the object designer, detailed consultation, selection from a collection, metering.

production of 3d panels

Thus, buying from us, You get your products faster than from a European manufacturer. We guarantee a thorough and individual approach to each client. We have already implemented many interesting projects, from the simplest to the most complex. Well-known people in the art world and business choose us as we have a large selection of products for the interior and exterior of buildings and surrounding areas.

We would also like to note that our manufacturing company produces materials according to individual drawings. It can be any geometry or artistic design of any complexity. For us nothing is impossible!

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Central store:
Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 196 calon factory "Decorative 3D panels EViRO"
+375(29) 376-63-49, +375(29) 378-63-01
+375(33) 376 63-49, +375(33) 378-63-01
Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00 (excluding weekends)
Representative office in Moscow and MO:
Moscow Zelenograd Kutuzovsky highway case 2309А Mall Stolica, 2nd floor
ph. +7 906 722 11 01
Central store EViRO: Representative office in Moscow and MO:
Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 196 calon factory "Decorative 3D panels EViRO" Moscow Zelenograd Kutuzovsky highway case 2309А Mall Stolica, 2nd floor
+375(29) 376-63-49, +375(29) 378-63-01 2nd floor, store +7 906 722 11 01
+375(33) 376 63-49, +375(33) 378-63-01
Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00 (without weekends)