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16.10.2016 Minsk. Catherine

I ordered a lamp from plaster for the nursery. The light shines up and down, though there are two lights. To do this, EVIRO made a panel of gypsum for us. Now there is a feeling that the wall itself is highlighted. Done quickly, no seams are on the panel and there are no seams between the lamps, too.

11.10.2016 Moscow. Michael

Pleasantly surprised with the quality of Belarusian products, quick response on my order. In particular, the delivery emphasizes the advantage of non-standard reinforced packaging.

12.09.2016 Minsk.

Very heavy crapology and installation of panels of plaster, watched the work of masters from Avira while they installed my bar Verona, do you think he would have made it. There are no stitches, well painted.

08.09.2016 Zhlobin

Acquired in the tattoo bar Rock. Delivery and installation all clear. Consider options for the design of the apartment, for me, very cool Rock, I am glad that we have a direction and decoration.

15.08.2016 Saint-Petersburg

Bought partition “Apollo”, worried about the delivery, but in vain, delivered in a reinforced design intact. Has not regretted, very strong interior find!

15.07.2016 Mozyr

I'm happy. On the day of the birth of his daughter decided to give the repairs in the kitchen, actually the kitchen. Kitchen bought, Wallpapers bought, the question is not so much beauty, how much more practical to arrange the cooking area and washing. The choice fell on plaster tiles, namely Cuba. The result has surpassed himself. As discussed consultants, it and clean and build can panel for hanging Cutlery knives. Our tile. It is practical at best and certainly very beautiful. Now my husband and I decided to make a gift to the kitchen myself, I think I will pick a tile with the name of Vaults.

16.06.2016 Minsk

Bought bamboo panels for the ceiling in the kitchen. Themselves hung themselves colored, it's simple, but that's not enough of one thing, and the time of night, called the company, have agreed to come and purchase, was delayed, but the Manager called back, said or to come and waited for us until nine at night. Very grateful.

15.06.2016 Mozyr.

Very lured pikovka. Ordered into the bedroom on the headboard. Just ordered the panel on a wall of plaster I think Italy or France is called. Noise isolation is excellent. Thanks for the opportunity good night's sleep.

13.05.2016 Svetlogorsk

the Ordered panels of the Stream. Delivered on time. Each socket in its double package. This is good.

20.04.2016 Minsk

I've only seen This in the series. Came into the store. I liked even more. Ordered carriage coupler to headboard, chose akokoro. Did everything as planned. All the buttons straight, smooth bulge.

03.02.2016 Old Road.

Found on the Internet. Was surprised that the Belarusian production. Came to see in Minsk, so to speak live. I bought the panel “Zoom”. We were given instruction. On our instructions the whole process was clear. Strictly according to the instructions installed. Happy with the result. Thank you.

20.01.2016 Minsk.

Ordered in the children's room (play area) tiles made of eco-leather. A very useful thing. Quickly made products, delivery and installation deadlines. Happy. Recommend.

20.11.2015 Mozyr.Tatyana

I love it. The question was how to make a wall with a fireplace. The fireplace in the unusual texture of the bricks. Saw our tile! It is called Dandis completely re-texture as the fireplace. Looks fantastic. Were glad that in our city carried out the installation. Now planning in the nursery any of the soft sockets, still undecided, but more than a “Soft tile”. The fabric and the color chosen is a Native collection – besee.

24.08.2015 Minsk.

also Bought their tiles “Liv", but not from plaster and GRC because did on an apron in the kitchen that were washed. It turned out gorgeous, and the price is the same as for plaster. Mounted guys very quickly and without comment.

06.03.2015 G. Brest region Pruzhany.

Bought “Liv” decided that there will be gypsum Board at the last moment, pleased that all are in stock, came and looked, paid and took it.

05.10.2014 Minsk.Roman

Started the renovation of the house, namely to repaint the already bought cement sand stone in 2 years color fed up. We have cement on the fireplace and in the hallway. Started repainting, waste, sand stone began to raklitsa, colorization has turned all green and not the brown plan. In short, tore it from the walls. Decided to buy new, but the desire was not for the two mountain service to buy, budget beats. Found only correct option. Stone decorative plaster, the fact that he is in white painted is a big plus. At the moment bought at a fireplace big slate, painted by himself. Understand the difference between cement and plaster. Now I think what to choose in the corridor, the rock or mountain, Platak. By the way mounted lighter than concrete. Company plus from me!

20.06.2014 Mogilev region Bobruisk.

Arrange the TV area. Chose tiles “Silk”. Looks very cool especially at night with illumination. I recommend them.

05.03.2014 Suzdal

we EXPRESS our GRATITUDE to Avira, FROM the Museum of "ANCIENT CITY". Order delivered on time. Quality products and packaging exceeded all expectations. Model "old Brick" no doubt the best backup natural old brick. Thank you for quality products, fast delivery, high professional skill of managers, as well as an individual approach.

28.12.2013 Grodno. Svyatoslav

We felt the same way to celebrate the new year at home "on the damp wall”. The wall is prepared to repair, already and home theatre system purchased to hang on it. Originally planned decorative plaster, but it's a long time, just not had time, and the effect is not the same, and the questions hanging equipment. Scoured the Internet. I found this site, a consultant was invited to the store, I saw the panel live, understand – this is it. Consulted about the service, no questions asked, you can hang anything, you can even repaint. Delivered on time, installation done on time. For the second day admire. Wasn't wrapped in rags as promised in other stores, and in cardboard and a bubble.

20.12.2013 Borovlyany Minsk region Nikolay

Decided to make a gift for the new year. Afraid will not make it to the wall. Stumbled upon this store, honestly, have never seen. Struck the game with the help of light. Chose the living room bar Cristal. The guys did everything on time, brought, assembled, painted. On new year's eve will be at home in such beauty. Very grateful for the quality and speed.

03.08.2013 Minsk. Artem

Glad to be the first review! I hasten to thank Avira for a new product. Purchased tiles “Tenderness” together with services of installation, delivered as planned the next day. The installation done quickly and without flaws. The panel looks great. To see in the store is one thing, but to see at home, it's a pleasure, no problems, TV hung with the masters of stipulated project, left a few notches for the sockets of the shelves. There were only sockets and shelves can be screwed. But don't hold out, call the neighbors to visit, everyone is excited. Thank you.

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