EViRO tile with decorative buttons

Country: Republic of Belarus
Manufacturer: EViRO
Name: EViRO tile with decorative buttons
Size: customized
Upholstery material: eco leather, textile, velour, suede, and etc.
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Showroom «Decorative 3d panels EViRO»

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The EViRO factory has proved itself as a reliable manufacturer of upholstered furniture and various types of decor from eco-leather, textiles and other materials. Excellent product quality and high level of customer service are the main advantages of the EViRO factory. All the products are subject to the strict quality control and compliance with environmental safety requirements. EViRO products are made from natural materials and show the increased wear resistance. One of the EViRO main areas of expertise is the manufacture of soft wall panels, upholstered furniture, and their components with the possibility to order them custom-made. You can choose the upholstery material that goes perfectly with your interior. It can be any type of fabric: suede, velour, eco-leather or genuine leather. Prior to the manufacture of custom-made products, the EViRO professionals will take all your requirements and wishes into account. The EViRO company guarantees the highest quality of its products.

Please, leave your contact and we will get back to you

Please, leave your contact and we will get back to you