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Factory EViRO

Garage manufacturer


Nowadays, our factory can produce the products of all technologies and stages, for example, to produce a 3d panel on a specialized equipment, as well as to go through all the stages of drying.

Before sale, products pass careful quality control and are packaged properly. Only then, we send them to the stores.

The Lack of production. Usually these are not heated garages, outhouses where products are made without any technology, without going through stages of proper drying. The product is often delivered in undried state. That is the first cause of deformation of the panels.

The Client cannot see the finished product live; sale is only through Internet as well as the photos. Buying the materials this way, you get a defective product. Manufacturers of a garage type do not provide the masters to install their product. Consequently there’s no guarantee that you will be able to assemble these products!!!


The Company EVIRO is a certified manufacturer that uses only the highest quality gypsum and reinforcing fiber. The company's products successfully passed all tests for class incombustibility, perfect geometry, high levels of durability and environmental friendliness. As a result, they received the certificate of the first class. That allows EVIRO to work with large organizations and developers.

The absence of the quality certificate is the first thing that must worry when you purchase. This means that the products has not passed any tests and studies. The very first question that you must think about is if this product is environmentally friendly, whether it really belongs to the class of NG, and there is a big question on geometry.

The presence of the shop

The Presence of the shop, which displays all the products in the finished design exhibitions. All gypsum products of the factory EViRO are available in large quantities: 58 collections of 3d plaster panels, 6 collections of 3d plaster partitions.

Garage manufacturers have no shop, salon, office, where you can see what they offer. You see products online that is a big minus, since You are buying a pig in a poke!!!


Highly Qualified specialists of the factory EViRO carry out installation of turn-key product with all consumables and equipment and, of course, with a quality guarantee.

The company also provides clear instructions and detailed consultation in case if the clients carry out the installation themselves (disclose all the nuances of installation)

One of the main indicators of unscrupulous manufacturers is that the question: “whether you are assembling data gypsum 3d panels?" answer: “No!”. The answer is because the producer himself is not sure whether it is possible to mount the manufactured products so that the result is a perfect ,seamless connection. When refusing the installation, garage manufacturers decline all responsibility!!!

Perfect geometry

Ideal geometry of gypsum products of EViRO allows the seamless and quality installation in a short period of time. All tiles have a perfect docking and can be sawn at a right angle or curved. One important thing is that any electrical outlet can be cut perfectly straight and easily!

The Small producers do not aim at the production of gypsum 3d panels to achieve perfect geometry of the tiles. More often, the differences reach 1-1, 5 cm, as they do not use specialized equipment and technology needed in their production. Such products are very difficult to mount. As a result, it is necessary to carry out additional work and there is no guarantee that You will be satisfied with the final result.

Payment terms

Preparation of documents when buying Drafting of documents upon delivery of the goods Installments from the popular banks + hire from the factory

As the company EViRO is a very large factory that deals with the manufacturing of interior decor, it gives the opportunity to calculate the purchase in different ways. It can be cash, cashless payments and the purchase of goods on credit that gives you an opportunity to pay small amounts that can be easy to plan within the family budget.

When you buy products from small producers, garage payment is made on the spot, without making any documents for advance payment and receipt of products properly. So, there is inability to acquire these products in installments, to pay by credit card, as well as to consider other payment options. Another important indicator is that there is no guarantee!!!


The Company EViRO applies high quality materials that have high levels of noise for producing gypsum products.

Very often small producers tell You that 3d plaster panels, they produce, have very good sound insulation. However, since this product does not have documentary evidence (test report), this statement is very doubtful. Insulation can only be present if you use plaster of high quality that does not add any impurities. The garage manufacturers often add various substances to reduce the cost of production. Accordingly, in this case you can’t even speak about the absence of noise!!!


All products of EViRO have their own package of bubble film and corrugated cardboard of a high grade that gives a guaranteed safety and reliability concerning delivery anywhere in the CIS.

The Products, offered on the market by day producers, do not have proper packaging. This does not give the customer any guarantees that the products during will not suffer during the transportation and will be delivered in one piece.


In addition, EViRO provides services such as delivery, unloading and lifting to the needed floor. During the product acceptance our specialist unpacks each box for quality check.

When you buy a product these days, garage manufacturer will offer You to come by and pick up your purchase, because shipping takes a lot of time and is very expensive.

Be careful when choosing this product!!!!!

Choose a reliable manufacturer!!!

Central store:
Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 196 calon factory "Decorative 3D panels EViRO"
+375(29) 376-63-49, +375(29) 378-63-01
+375(33) 376 63-49, +375(33) 378-63-01
Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00 (excluding weekends)
Representative office in Moscow and MO:
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Central store EViRO: Representative office in Moscow and MO:
Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 196 calon factory "Decorative 3D panels EViRO" Moscow Zelenograd Kutuzovsky highway case 2309А Mall Stolica, 2nd floor
+375(29) 376-63-49, +375(29) 378-63-01 2nd floor, store +7 906 722 11 01
+375(33) 376 63-49, +375(33) 378-63-01
Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00 (without weekends)