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at Prospect Nezavivsimosti, 196:

3d Gypsum partitions

Gypsum 3d panels

Light panels

Gypsum lamps

Oak panels

Soft panels
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Integrity Installment
For 6 months
the possibility of paying by "Halva", "Card Number" and "the Smart Card"
the company also provides its installments
each month you pay a small amount, that is easy to plan within ,
Your family budget

Our Installation

3d walls

3d panels

Gypsym lamps

Soft panels

Oak panels

Delivery is carried out to all regions of the CIS countries
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The largest producer
of interior decoration
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Belarus, Minsk pr. Nezavisimosti 9 calon factory "Decorative 3D panel" Belarus, Gomel, Kirova 136, interior finishing materials "ProDekor"
+375(29) 376-63-49, +375(29) 378-63-01 Belarus, Brest Street. Career 12, the market "Budaўnіchy Paradise", the housing 1c, pav. 26
+375(33) 376 63-49, +375(33) 378-63-01 Belarus, Vitebsk, st. Beloborodova 3, TC "Belarus" pav. 13
E-mail: Belarus, Grodno, st. Dzerzhinsky 30, decor studio "Idea"
Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00 (excluding weekends) Belarus, Mogilev, st. Pioneer 48, TC "Temptation", pav. 3, 1st floor sign OIKOS
Belarus, Mozyr, st. Malinin TC Danko 1b pav. 13 "New decor"
Belarus, Soligorsk, st. K. Zaslonova 61 "EvroOboi Solmaster"
Belarus, Baranovichi, st. Base 11 TC Construction