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The largest manufacturer
of interior decor

The EViRO company being the largest manufacturer of interior decoration items creates unique products by combining modern technologies with manual labor! At present the EViRO company provides a huge selection of unique design solutions. Modern EViRO 3d panels allow updating any style of the interior. This type of decoration material can be artificially aged, painted in a particular color or customized with an exclusive pattern depending on the style of the room, which will for sure make your house trendy and stylish.

Top priorities of the EViRO company are:

  • high product quality;
  • naturalness and eco-friendliness;
  • the showroom presenting all the products from our range;
  • delivery to any point in the Republic of Belarus and the CIS at convenient time;
  • keeping the products in stock;
  • individual sealed package for each item;
  • availability of quality certificate;
  • possibility of customized 3d panels design.

The EViRO company thoroughly follows an individual approach to each customer.

The manufacturing company EViRO also fulfills customized orders according to personalized drawings. It can be any shape or an artistic pattern of any complexity. Everything is possible!

Gypsum 3d wall panels

The EViRO company mainly specializes in the manufacturing of gypsum 3d panels. More than one hundred models of decorative 3d panels have been released to the market so far.

EViRO gypsum 3d panels are not only beautiful, but also durable, as well as life and health friendly. They are free from any nasty chemicals or harmful impurities in their content. EViRO 3d panels manufacturing process is also eco-friendly as long as gypsum being a recyclable material does not leave any manufacturing waste.

EViRO 3d panels are suitable for apartments, country houses, offices, shopping centers, airports, banks, restaurants, clubs and other premises. All the EViRO collections consist of separate tiles which can be assembled into a seamless 3d panel or an entire wall. EViRO gypsum 3d wall panels come in natural white color, which makes it possible to give them any shade you wish. If the color chosen becomes boring or old-fashioned after a while, it is possible to repaint panels with another shade or use a different coating. EViRO gypsum 3d panels provide an opportunity to totally modify the appearance of the interior without wasting time and money.

EViRO company makes not only straight tiles but also any shape on request. EViRO 3d panels are an opportunity to make quick and reliable purchase without overpayment!

Any EViRO products can be purchased in Minsk as well as in other regions by making an enquiry on the official website or by using office contact phone numbers.

Gypsum 3d partitions

EViRO company also focuses on the manufacturing of gypsum partitions for space zoning. This is a completely new breakthrough in the field of interior design, creating the opportunity to emphasize individuality and modern style. EViRO gypsum 3d partitions are made of extremely strong durable material having the thickness of 10 cm, which makes the product resistant to mechanical stress, allowing the partition to function as a real wall.

A partition consists of blocks, each block having the size of 50cm*40cm*10 cm. Today, the EViRO company has made six types of gypsum 3d partitions. All of them are very diverse in style and design. To simplify the installation process there was a structure designed according to the “tongue and groove” principle. At the final stage after the installation of blocks you choose the color to be applied to the partition.

EViRO gypsum 3d partition blocks have high strength, which is very important for any customer. Decorative walls of such kind are also used for handrails, balconies and observation decks. You will not find products similar to EViRO gypsum partitions for space zoning anywhere. It is a unique development of our company. The entire collection is kept in stock. Therefore, the installation of gypsum 3d partitions can be done in the shortest possible time, especially if the customer’s project is quite urgent. EViRO 3d partitions can be purchased in Minsk as well as in other regions by making an enquiry on the official website or by using office contact phone numbers.

Soft wall panels made of leather and fabric

The EViRO company also manufactures soft wall panels made of leather and fabric. There is a separate workshop for the production of these goods. Several types of such decoration materials are available for purchase.

One of them is a flat tile with perimeter stitching. It is usually customized. Any material like leather, fabric, velour, etc. can be used. The base material of the flat tile is furniture cardboard, then the layer of izolon goes (a material similar to foam, but more dense and at the same time narrow). EViRO soft flat wall panels provide good sound insulation. The tiles may have absolutely any size or shape on request.

The next type of this decoration material is the EViRO soft tile with volumetric texture. It can also be made of any type of material and may have absolutely any shape or size. The furniture cardboard, MDF, plywood, etc. may go as a base material, and then there is izolone of different densities with the customized thickness.

Such interior decoration item as the EViRO soft panel “Capitonnage” gains extreme popularity in modern interior design. Any wishes of the customer concerning the panel such as size, shape, thickness etc. are always taken into account. In most cases, this type of a soft panel is used as a headboard. The EViRO soft panel “Capitonnage” is manufactured entirely by hand. At the moment, the EViRO soft panel with capitonn? screed has the leading position among other decorative soft wall panels and is extremely popular with interior designers.

EViRO soft wall panels can be purchased in Minsk and other regions.

EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures

EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures are twenty-first century products, which steadily gain popularity in the present-day world. EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures come in white color, which makes it possible to give them any shade suitable for your interior. These kinds of designer goods are installed closely to any surface, and therefore create absolute seamlessness. Since these lighting fixtures have fiber in their content, they are strong enough to be safely used in a home interior. The wall illumination of such kind will give a touch of elegance to your interior; indicate your perfect taste and high social status. The external beauty of the EViRO lighting fixtures stimulates imagination.

EViRO lighting fixtures can be purchased in Minsk and other regions. Just give us a call, and our managers will fulfill your order!

Oak 3d panels

The use of EViRO oak 3d panels for surface finishing gives a magnificent decorative effect, which cannot be compared to any painting or wallpapering. Any space decorated with wooden EViRO 3d panels looks premium and indicates the high status of its owner. In addition, natural 3d oak panels will last very long, which is extremely important for any designer project or interior! One of the advantages of the EViRO oak 3d panels is that with their help you can hide uneven walls and surface defects! EViRO oak 3d panels provide a magnificent look of the interior. Our wooden wall panels will definitely show your high status and personal taste!

EViRO oak 3d panels are made of natural wood impregnated with natural oil, which allows the wood to "breathe", since the oil does not cover the pores unlike the varnish. This makes it possible to install panels from natural oak in any space, without causing any harm to your health!

EViRO oak 3d panels are designed for indoor use. The oak board adds a touch of luxury and charm to the interior!

You can order and buy 3d panels from natural wood in Minsk and other regions.

Gypsum built-in lighting

EViRO built-in lighting is a cutting-edge invention in the world of light. This type of lighting allows you to save space and expand any room. EViRO factory has a wide range of gypsum built-in lighting fixtures for walls and ceilings. The installation of gypsum lighting fixtures is made with plasterboard. Products are made from eco-friendly raw materials which are non-combustible. EViRO ceiling and wall built-in lighting fixtures for further painting provide an opportunity to give them the exact shade perfectly matching your interior. Gypsum built-in lighting is a modern trend in the world of light!

EViRO gypsum moldings

Stucco moldings have been abundant since ancient times. EViRO factory makes a variety of gypsum moldings. Here you can find gypsum baseboards, classical and modern gypsum crown moldings, moldings for LED lighting, gypsum decorative moldings for ceilings and walls. Interior gypsum moldings have always been considered to be an indicator of elegancy and delicate taste. Purchasing the EViRO gypsum moldings you get an absolutely non-combustible and eco-friendly material, which is not only pleasant from a technical point of view, but also variable in types, patterns and textures.

Gypsum panels for the Armstrong system

Armstrong ceilings are thought to be the most comfortable type of ceilings. The EViRO manufacturing company has improved this very type of suspended ceiling. Our professionals have developed gypsum panels for the Armstrong system. This type of ceiling is suitable for any interior, as long as all the gypsum elements are ready for further painting. The raw materials used in these products do not contain impurities. Thus, you get an absolutely eco-friendly ceiling, which is non-combustible since gypsum is not even able to emit smoke. At the moment, there are two types of suspended ceilings available - flat tiles and latticed tiles. Nothing is easier than purchasing a non-combustible ceiling in Minsk. Contact the EViRO factory to get a consultation of our experienced managers who will quickly fulfill your order.

Gypsum panels with lighting - is a completely new finishing material, which is gaining popularity in the world of modern interior design. Two types of gypsum panels with lighting have been launched onto the market by the EViRO factory. This product is unique. The EViRO panels with lighting are designed for decorating walls and ceilings of both large and small spaces. Gypsum elements are sold in white color, and after installation they are painted in any necessary shade. The EViRO panel with lighting is a type of home decoration, which will satisfy you with its appearance for many years.

EViRO modular system

There is an absolutely new niche in today’s world of decorative finishing. This is an EViRO modular system of gypsum waves. This unique product is made of gypsum plaster reinforced with fiberglass, which makes gypsum products very durable. The unique EViRO modular wave consists of separate elements that can be combined according to an individual pattern. This pattern can be a light and smooth wave, a deep and spectacular relief, as well as circles and semicircles on the wall. This gypsum newly-designed product will allow you to create your own pattern on the surface of walls and ceilings. The EViRO modular system can be painted in any color and has 50 repainting cycles. This is a completely new and unusual decorative method of interior design. You can order panels with a 3d wavy effect at the EViRO factory, where you will get detailed advice and consultation from professionals.

EViRO main office:
The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Independence Avenue 196, showroom "Decorative 3D panels EViRO"
+375 29 376-63-49, +375 29 378-63-01
+375 33 376 63-49, +375 33 378-63-01
Opening hours: from 9:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. (without breaks and days-off)
EViRO main office:
The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Independence Avenue 196, showroom "Decorative 3D panels EViRO"
+375 29 376-63-49, +375 29 378-63-01
+375 33 376 63-49, +375 33 378-63-01
Opening hours: from 9:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. (without breaks and days-off)